How We Work

Our website will be the primary source of approach. The company can post their project/job work on our website directly.


Analysis is usually done on the best quotation received by us, whereas the company will have the freedom to choose the best from the all.


Planning is important by nature as it helps in making organizational decision about desired ways and means to achieve goals.


Execution is a continuation process of planning. A proper planning leads to proper execution. Our motto is to fulfill desired results of both the parties.

Who Do We Serve

A company is the one who wishes to outsource projects. (Pvt Ltd, Firms, SME, Start Ups, Corporates)

  • No Fixed cost involved – Pay only as per the achieved milestones
  • No fixed pay to employees & No need of office space.
  • Get the best deals on the project with lowest expenses
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Micro influencer

A micro influencer is a team leader who brings a group of individuals to complete a project. (Team Leaders, Recruiters, Recruiting Agencies, HR)

  • Project time line management.
  • Complete control on the working of the team.
  • Complete control over the distribution of the funds.
  • Complete flexibility in selecting the nature of the task.
  • Control on selecting their own team
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An individual is any person who wants to work independently as a freelancer. (Freelancers, Self-Employed, Salaried, Part Time Job Seekers, Students)

  • Be your own Boss.
  • Work in your comfortable atmosphere.
  • Complete flexibility in selecting the nature of task.
  • Transparent & clearly defined milestones for the Task.
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Don’t Work Hard India, Work Smart India.

We believe that post - pandemic the working style of many MNC's, Large scale BUSINESSES or may it be Start-ups have changed. Cost cutting has been the main goal throughout Lockdown. So here is Pinnpointer focusing on helping both the company and the freelancers/micro influencers to achieve their goals.

You are just a click away from being your own boss.

Companies Post a project and get freelancers or a team of micro influencers to work for you on fees and ease yourself from the burden of salary, permanent appointments and managing staff.

Freelancers Post your resume/skills and start getting projects and get paid for it.

Micro Influencers Prepare your own team and start taking on projects. Work with Multinational Companies on projects and make a name for yourself in the big league.

Over 500+ projects are daily posted on website.

  • 200+ Companies
  • 1000+ Individuals
  • 450+ Micro Influencer
  • 500+ Category
PinnPointer will be soon available on Android and IOS
Our Customers Love What We Do

As a leading freelance tech marketplace, PinnPointer is a hiring hot pot that constantly sources businesses of entrepreneurs and corporates from around the world, be it startups, unicorns or large enterprises, the possibility of getting the projects are higher compared to the other freelance platforms. Our customers are extremely happy with the way that we effortlessly enable a medium to bridge the gap between the businesses looking to outsource the projects to high calibre, independent consultants and professional freelancers with exclusive work portfolios.

We are a trusted network that empowers global freelancers to unleash their potential, and entrepreneurs to handle the operational challenges and concentrate more on the primary activities of their businesses. We enable independent professionals to hone their skills while they are earning, and the entrepreneurs hire the talents anytime and get their projects done in a short period.

With a top-quality network of independent professionals from around the globe, it is easy for the companies on PinnPointer to build their own/customised teams required for their specific projects immediately and finish them within the deadline.

A vast pool of independent experts and trusted companies are part of our network, and we offer a unique and most fulfilling experience for both entrepreneurs and freelancers.

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